Wednesday, August 24, 2011

fears and frustration :confession

hritu,english class.lecturer asked us to sit dlm bulatan and he gave us this smua org kena confess pasal benda ni.interesting kan.
ada yg confess smpai trsentuh hti,ad yg ntah pape ad yg lawak.

by the time its my turn,aku ckp ni,
'i fear i wont be able to make my dad proud.coz im the oldest of the six girls so i have to be the son that supposed to make daddy proud.i have my dreams and ambition but i had to put that aside just to follow his plans for me.
and my biggest frustration is when the spm result came up.i got straight a's for upsr and pmr so i know dad expected the same thing.but i failed him.i got carried away by music and football at that time.
"wani,im disappointed in u"he shoot me in the heart with that words.
so thats it.'

lps confess tu rse cam terkilan gila.klau x sbb tggungjwb,aku dh ambik live sound engineering.mesti best.blaja apa yg aku minat!but now stuck kt ranaco!

lps tu lps tu (haa ni jiwang skit) my d lalu dpn class!haha terus trsenyum and say dlm hti'no im not regretting this.i came here and met him'.

ps:thats when i realised i too fear if i will lose him.i love him too much now.we have moments that i realized how much i love him,but only once when i thought he's gonna leave.that was pure pain.i cant feel that was too painful.