Thursday, July 28, 2011


mum penah asked 'hang penah rindu sape2 smpai nngis x?'
i answered 'no'
she smiled 'maknany hang xlove sape2 lagi.bila pmpuan nngis sbb rindu laki tu,bru la dia da btl2 love laki'.
well if mak ask me again,this time my answer is yes.

bru td,i just finished solat,tibe2 ad mcm punch to my heart yg buat i miss him sangattt2 smpai i have tears :').so i cried tp rse tenang gila!rindu yg sgt but xseksa.tenang je.

Dannis Sike. lelaki yg holds my heart now. i cant remember when i fall for him.tbe2 je rse dh love dia.its like mmg dh meant to be me and him :)

my fav pic of him!maybe sbb the smile kot :)

u are the one for me d.i love u.i am lucky u love me back.know that i pray u will always be with me.

keh xnak jiwang pnjang2 kt sini.kang ada yg geli lak baca.
i just want everyone to know yg i am completely in love with dannis!

my whole his :)