Friday, April 22, 2011

it stunned me

kemaman.its nearly one year i have been staying here.many unexpected things happened.
but i survived even i dont have many friends especially girl friends.because i just cant get along with girl2 kt sini.its okay i'm fine.

so today,a girl friend came to me.she told me about her problems.from a to z.gila complicated masalah dia.anddd she cried dpn aku.sooo i kinda feel kesian kt dia.her story was sad really.
lps hbs crita dia tny 'so mal ap pendapat kau?'
'klau kau ap kau nk buat'
'mcm mne ni mal?'
so aku relax jerla.calm kan dia.ckp ap yg ptt.biasa la bnda2 yg positive.
i thought it just gonna end there.

thenn she asked 'how bout u?tell me bout your problem'
dgn rse pelik aku jwb 'hmm i dont have any problems.i'm fine'
'i know u have shows'
'it shows?' memandaiii je minah ni.
'yeah..obviously..with ur attitude smua'

'hahaha no honey i dont have any problem,im fine.i mean this is just me.maybe most ppl wont understand.but yeah im fine'

it just stunned me that u can see the happiest girl but no one knows that she's facing a serious problem.while the other girl,yg more keep it to herself,yg xnmpak happy sgt,tu yg xde masalah.

maybe thats the problem,when there is no problem.u dont function as normal being.

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