Friday, April 29, 2011


finally i have the mood to finish this post.dh brapa lama da tangguh.i had to do this sbb its about one of the best times in my life,pasal world cup 2010.hehe
act da ad dlm draft 2 tajuk,spain wins ngn colours of world cup.since bnda ni da lama aku gabung jerla.

sooo mcm ni cita dia,
a month before wc aku da exited gila nk tgk.tiap hari countdown.da sebuk gado2 ngn org pasal fav team.i was the only one yg sokong spain dlm famly.
world cup started,spain kalah first match lwn switz.boy i wasss down gila!pastu kena kutuk kaw la.
tp hero kalah dulu kan (ayt member) so cam lek kan bru first match spain.lps ni mng smua ah.sbb trlampau down,i promised myself not to jerit goal to every match smpai la spain score the next match.
then second match spain lwn honduras,villa scored.peh time jerit mmg xigt ap dah.tu jerit goal plg kuat yg penah aku lontarkan.

so makan tido mandi smua pasal wc.i watched every match yg ad and then on9 pn cri psal wc.smpai laa brita plg xbest.aku kena daftar msuk ranaco 1hb 7.what the fish?(ayt amer) gila rse tensyen.mcm mna nk tgk xknl sape2 lgi kt sana.but i did what i had to do.pegi jugak la kemaman tu.pastu cuti jap 2 hri so abah bwk gi tido chalet jap tepi pntai.mcm mne tensyen time tu xyah ckp la.da xpeduli pasal ranaco buruk ke mcm mne nk tgk wc je.

the last night kt chalet, ad match holland lwn brazil.aku sokong holland sbb nk brazil kuar awl2.dorg cam bole menang wc.aku nk spain mng.get it?
otw nk gi tgk,aku lompat2 cheering 'holland holland' pastuhhhhhh aku jatuh tangga.tinggi wooo.nngis kot sakit gila.nsb baik holland mng jugak.

esokny tgk kaki bengkak.time tu 'yes yes kaki da bengkak bole blk'.
pegi check doc bg mc 3 hri.aku ap lgi blk rwg ah tgk wc.tq Allah sbb jdkan accident tu :).
even da lps 3hri aku bantai cuti seminggu tnggu final wc.theres no way aku nk blk kemaman knowing the risk i might not dpt tgk the finals.dh last2 match mkin intense so mkin brdebar la spain bole mng ke x.

finally,spain won.that night,aku org spain.

byk bnda time wc yg aku xbole lpa smpai skarng.the important goals,the intense match,the crowd.mlm2 jerit goal smpai jiran pn dgr.i remember abah saying this 'abah xyah bgn tgh2 pagi tgk wc.trbgn dgr hang jerit goal je abah da tau brapa score'.

that one month really made my best moments.

here's some my fav vids.bring back the memory.

noticed how handsome navas is.player plg hensem.hehe

what a world cup :')

perfect song for them rite

that look on cristiano ronaldo is priceless :)

hope u enjoy as much as i did.

Friday, April 22, 2011

it stunned me

kemaman.its nearly one year i have been staying here.many unexpected things happened.
but i survived even i dont have many friends especially girl friends.because i just cant get along with girl2 kt sini.its okay i'm fine.

so today,a girl friend came to me.she told me about her problems.from a to z.gila complicated masalah dia.anddd she cried dpn aku.sooo i kinda feel kesian kt dia.her story was sad really.
lps hbs crita dia tny 'so mal ap pendapat kau?'
'klau kau ap kau nk buat'
'mcm mne ni mal?'
so aku relax jerla.calm kan dia.ckp ap yg ptt.biasa la bnda2 yg positive.
i thought it just gonna end there.

thenn she asked 'how bout u?tell me bout your problem'
dgn rse pelik aku jwb 'hmm i dont have any problems.i'm fine'
'i know u have shows'
'it shows?' memandaiii je minah ni.
'yeah..obviously..with ur attitude smua'

'hahaha no honey i dont have any problem,im fine.i mean this is just me.maybe most ppl wont understand.but yeah im fine'

it just stunned me that u can see the happiest girl but no one knows that she's facing a serious problem.while the other girl,yg more keep it to herself,yg xnmpak happy sgt,tu yg xde masalah.

maybe thats the problem,when there is no problem.u dont function as normal being.

Monday, April 11, 2011

runnin round leaving scars

i have done many things but yet accomplished nothing.

done wrongs but still keep doing it,then
made the right choice,
made the right decision,
pointer mkin ok,
have great friends around,
have great man beside me,
still i feel unhappy.
the worst part,they who cares that pay,
for trying to make this complicated heart happy.

does selfish make u a bad person?