Friday, June 25, 2010

we miss you

before the world cup started my father and uncles told me the story about the great maradona and his magic movement.they told me he is a living legend.he tricked every defender and he was just unstoppable.they miss 'the maradona's madness'.well i felt nothing.i wasnt that amazed.probably because i never seen maradona in action and his 'madness' so i didnt quite get how good he was.

until world cup starts they just keep praising him that he will lead argentina to the final.all these praising have led me remember the one man that really did amazed me.he was one of the reason i love watching me,he is the living legend in my generation,David might be unfair for me to compare these two players but the way i see it,beckham is the no1 footballer of all times.

despite his personal life,those really stupid fouls he made,we cant deny that no one can be as good as david one can be good in crossing the ball as him.i believe everyone who watched him played at least did once said 'how the hell he managed to cross the ball like that,perfect cross'.and no one can challenge him in the free-kicks.

lps tgk video ni mcm kena dejavu bla time part mula2 video org tu ckp pasal beckham.mmg exactly happened time mula2 start tgk dia main dulu.and about the future becks haha idk..we'll see.

i miss 'the beckham's beauty'.

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