Wednesday, June 30, 2010

last post be4 i leave?of course its about him

David Villa no 7 -SPAIN
mls nk crita pnjg2 blk kt sini so klik ni dlu(klau nk tau crita dr awl)

reason why aku smbung kt sini is to show you how much my heart breaks thinking i might be missing david villa pny moment with wc.dia skrng mcm on top of his game and aku xleh tgk?:'(
yes theres always the next wc and the next spanish team but blum tntu dia akn main lgi kan?he's already 4years?umo 32 dia nk main lgi ke?if main pun will he be playing as good as he now for spain?ahhhh im helpless
(time mng dgn portugal bru2 ni)
:') i love this pic sooo much.this is david villa i know.this is david villa i fell with.he will always pnjat ats his teammates if spain won important match.he will be the happiest boy.
(time qualifying dlu)
certainly ill be missing lps hbs spain main je aku akn on9 cari photos time match tu.the best pic ltk kt fb.and the best part david villa yg score so akn ltk pic dia jrla.
i smiled bla jmpa gmba ni.xtau nape haha (ayt mcm dh gila.sedar tp dats the truth haha).its okay sweetie,everyone tau you didnt miss that penalti,it was the jabulani ball yg xmcm bola biasa HAHA.
theres sooo many great players but david villa is the one.David Villa is my Fav.the first smpai la honey,go get your golden boot ;)

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