Tuesday, June 29, 2010

im not trying to please anybody

amik kau!

lately ive received weird question on formspring and through text messages.at first i thought it was from several friends but now i think its from one person.when i asked how'd he knows so much about me,he answered 'dlm blog la'.i was still 'ok,mls nk layan'.

i assume that person will be reading this post too so let me tell everybody how annoyed i am towards your comment u sent me about my blog.esp your latest text that made me doing this.

when i post the childhood dream she/he texted me saying 'im impressed with your latest blog'.so we chat a bit..she/he just kept puji me that i dh 'ahh malasny org mcmni'.but at least i knew something about her/him.ahh leceh la guna / ni..rseny org tu laki la kan?heh.i knew that dia pn minat bola so bole la short kn list sape yg this guy might be.there few names i had in my head but none of them yg aku xsuke..so i thought xpelah lantak la..bla dia nk bgtau sape dia bgtau la.

tapiiii the next post 'we miss you' he started to judge me and questioned my passion..wtf?!andd plg menyampah dia kutuk beckham kaw2 pny.mcm siallll.you know what man,everytime somebody said 'beckham is just a pretty face and he's better in modelling dr main bola',i will have a smirk on face thinking 'kesian ny kau..nk ckp pasal player bola tp padahal xtgk bola pun'.so boy,your msgs abt beckham disgusted me!klau bnci sgt beckham tu,its your choice,dont try to change mine because to me David Beckham is The Greatest football player i have ever known.
(lepas gerammm!)

and yg plg geram dia ckp aku hipokrit sbb minat beckham tp bnci man u.lagi skali,wtf?!!boy,nmpak sgt pemikiran kau cetek.the quality of a player has nothing to do with his club.hbstu mmg kena tukar2 minat club la kan sbb ikut player?wheres the fun to that?

heh aku pny blog,aku pny story aku pny pendapat,klau xsuke go get your own damn blog.

andd pegi tgk match wc england vs greece..mcm mn beckham main sorang2 for england fight smpai last mins..then you can judge him

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