Wednesday, June 30, 2010

last post be4 i leave?of course its about him

David Villa no 7 -SPAIN
mls nk crita pnjg2 blk kt sini so klik ni dlu(klau nk tau crita dr awl)

reason why aku smbung kt sini is to show you how much my heart breaks thinking i might be missing david villa pny moment with wc.dia skrng mcm on top of his game and aku xleh tgk?:'(
yes theres always the next wc and the next spanish team but blum tntu dia akn main lgi kan?he's already 4years?umo 32 dia nk main lgi ke?if main pun will he be playing as good as he now for spain?ahhhh im helpless
(time mng dgn portugal bru2 ni)
:') i love this pic sooo much.this is david villa i know.this is david villa i fell with.he will always pnjat ats his teammates if spain won important match.he will be the happiest boy.
(time qualifying dlu)
certainly ill be missing lps hbs spain main je aku akn on9 cari photos time match tu.the best pic ltk kt fb.and the best part david villa yg score so akn ltk pic dia jrla.
i smiled bla jmpa gmba ni.xtau nape haha (ayt mcm dh gila.sedar tp dats the truth haha).its okay sweetie,everyone tau you didnt miss that penalti,it was the jabulani ball yg xmcm bola biasa HAHA.
theres sooo many great players but david villa is the one.David Villa is my Fav.the first smpai la honey,go get your golden boot ;)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

im not trying to please anybody

amik kau!

lately ive received weird question on formspring and through text first i thought it was from several friends but now i think its from one person.when i asked how'd he knows so much about me,he answered 'dlm blog la'.i was still 'ok,mls nk layan'.

i assume that person will be reading this post too so let me tell everybody how annoyed i am towards your comment u sent me about my blog.esp your latest text that made me doing this.

when i post the childhood dream she/he texted me saying 'im impressed with your latest blog'.so we chat a bit..she/he just kept puji me that i dh 'ahh malasny org mcmni'.but at least i knew something about her/him.ahh leceh la guna / ni..rseny org tu laki la kan?heh.i knew that dia pn minat bola so bole la short kn list sape yg this guy might be.there few names i had in my head but none of them yg aku i thought xpelah lantak la..bla dia nk bgtau sape dia bgtau la.

tapiiii the next post 'we miss you' he started to judge me and questioned my!andd plg menyampah dia kutuk beckham kaw2 pny.mcm know what man,everytime somebody said 'beckham is just a pretty face and he's better in modelling dr main bola',i will have a smirk on face thinking 'kesian ny kau..nk ckp pasal player bola tp padahal xtgk bola pun'.so boy,your msgs abt beckham disgusted me!klau bnci sgt beckham tu,its your choice,dont try to change mine because to me David Beckham is The Greatest football player i have ever known.
(lepas gerammm!)

and yg plg geram dia ckp aku hipokrit sbb minat beckham tp bnci man u.lagi skali,wtf?!!boy,nmpak sgt pemikiran kau cetek.the quality of a player has nothing to do with his club.hbstu mmg kena tukar2 minat club la kan sbb ikut player?wheres the fun to that?

heh aku pny blog,aku pny story aku pny pendapat,klau xsuke go get your own damn blog.

andd pegi tgk match wc england vs greece..mcm mn beckham main sorang2 for england fight smpai last mins..then you can judge him

Saturday, June 26, 2010

:') more than just a game

8thun tgk bola rseny penah nangis 2 kali je.yg btl2 time liverpool kalah ngn ac milan for eufa champion final.skali lgi time tgk beckham nngis time ngn xdela sedih btl2..just touched sbb beckham.jmpe plak video ni..igt kn gmba je..skali last2 tnjuk yg btl..hmm mmg tr emo lah.jgn la kena ngn spain lak pasni hahaha.

stakat ni yg plg teruk penah tgk footballer nngs kt padang c.ronaldo dgn m.ballack.sejak tu mcm kurang skit xsuke dorng haha

Friday, June 25, 2010

we miss you

before the world cup started my father and uncles told me the story about the great maradona and his magic movement.they told me he is a living legend.he tricked every defender and he was just unstoppable.they miss 'the maradona's madness'.well i felt nothing.i wasnt that amazed.probably because i never seen maradona in action and his 'madness' so i didnt quite get how good he was.

until world cup starts they just keep praising him that he will lead argentina to the final.all these praising have led me remember the one man that really did amazed me.he was one of the reason i love watching me,he is the living legend in my generation,David might be unfair for me to compare these two players but the way i see it,beckham is the no1 footballer of all times.

despite his personal life,those really stupid fouls he made,we cant deny that no one can be as good as david one can be good in crossing the ball as him.i believe everyone who watched him played at least did once said 'how the hell he managed to cross the ball like that,perfect cross'.and no one can challenge him in the free-kicks.

lps tgk video ni mcm kena dejavu bla time part mula2 video org tu ckp pasal beckham.mmg exactly happened time mula2 start tgk dia main dulu.and about the future becks haha idk..we'll see.

i miss 'the beckham's beauty'.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the childhood dream

im pretty sure tht ppl around me semua tau yg aku tgk bola but rseny xde sape tau crita pasal mcm mne aku boleh minat tgk bola..yg mula2 skali first time tgk and lps tu how aku berangn2 someday yg bnda ni nk jdkan career.

it all started time world cup 2002..time tu drjh brape ah?4 ke 5?mls nk kire.time tu kt kmpung, my grandpa minat bola..tgh tgk wc.that evning,england vs brazil..sbagai cucu yg syg akn atukny..ddk la skali nk tgk match tu..ha tu kira first time that was it,first time tgk i just fell for the game.match after match,i learned how to act watch a football match,bnda2 mcm corner,offside,red yellow card,tackle2 and mcm mna football is the only sport yg player2 ny tere brlakon.trtiup sikit pn jatuh brguling mcm kena karate.

so lps tu strt tgk premier league..trus minat liverpool fc.from liverpool i noticed another thing yg made football best,the crowd.for me,liverpool fans xsame dgn fan team lain.spirit dia team lain might kjp minat kjp liverpool fan?setia dia lain mcm.and i can compared the noise kat anfield dgn stadium team lain.beza smangt dia.
'asl xtgk chelsea main wani?dh 4 dorg skor.liverpool 0 lgi'
'tau..ntahla..rse lgi best tgk liverpool'

i have uncle yg jd coach bola.from him,i learned bnda lain plak,mcm mna nk tgk bola dgn tactics.mcm mn formation bole impact cra player main n can produce more shots on bla tgk bola,dia akn compare both team pny tactical so i know team mne tere and player mn tere.bla dh tau bnda2 mcm ni,final score isnt the only important thing.cara dorg main tu yg pnting.the best team wont always win a match.wht they say are true,football is a cruel game.

sjk dh pndai tgk tactics,strt baca newspaper bhgian bola.bc ap reporter tu tulis..and how dia critic smua bnda.then tgk2 player2 pny 12 or 13 aku da ad cita2.nk jd football journalist.i remember angan2 bla ulas pasal match kt newspaper then ppl baca,they will say'yah this girl is come the manager couldnt think like her'.
then bla ad ap2 cup lah,i will be there intrview the player,coach,fans..tgk every game then write for the morning headlines.itll be easy for write sumthing i have passion i know how the game works.

tp,bla dh sedar yg act im a malaysian citizen,its not that easy pursuing that dream..bola kt malaysia ni dh corrupt dgn ssh nk capai pegi international.
skrng bla tgh tgk wrld aku tr pk tactic2 dorg main..bole compare team tu dgn team ni..ap silap coach..tringt blk the childhood dream,angan2 bnda ni bole buat aku jd somebody.of coarse la xsmua opinion aku btl but stll there are ppl out there yg bla bc news,dorg prcaya je ap journalist tu tulis.

i wish i have the guts utk capai angan2 tu.