Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hans zimmer

cant remember what year it was but i was still in skolah rendah and in labuan when that day my dad came home from somewhere and bought-pearl harbor soundtrack-.
he opened the cover eagerly and asked me to sit beside i did.he hit play then forword until song no 4.he said"dgr ni".

"abah suke time bunyi gitar tu mula2 msuk"
then we just sat in silence listening to the whole music.

since that day i kept listening to the soundtrack and my dad noticed he bought more soundtrack-while you were sleeping,the rock,the last mohican,the lord of the ring..
i just fell in love with the more singing and no more words.just the instruments.
i used to wake up early every weekend to watch the sunrise at the coridor then i would played these music,drinking nescafe,see the beach, felt calm.damn,i should that again.

one day,i watched gladiator the movie.apart from the story,i noticed one thing that was really amazed me,the soundtrack.the music drove me into the story that i cried watching the ending.ppl only cry on hindi movies okay.but that music really made me feel touched by the scene.

this was when maximus died

when maximus met his family in the afterlife

for years ive listened to these soundtrack and i could imagine that exact scene in the movie.its beautiful how music can tell us what to feel without any words and just take you to different places that it just you who would appreciate and understand it.

finally while looking at those cd's,i noticed this,most of the soundtrack is composed by hans zimmer.

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