Wednesday, May 26, 2010

man life is funny

best gak klau nnti keje kat kapal mcm ni.harp2 dptla.ill work hard for this.
best band in the world :)

this year i let myself transformed into two major ways.and i feel,satisfied with this.

coldplay-ive changed from anti-coldplay to die hardcore coldplay fan.igt lgi time lgu viva la vida kalahkan im yours for song of the year klau xsilap,boy i was really tensyen.
'coldplay yg ntah pape tuh klh kn jason?!amende sial!'
i said that dgn penuh perasaan.mmg sejak kecik2 lgi ah kuar je coldplay msti kutuk.ckp dorng ntah pape.clearly igt bnda ni.
then,because viva la vida beat im yours,i become some kind of maniac yg xpuas hati.haha.yup i act really felt xpuas hati ngn coldplay.
so aku tr pk,ap yg best sgt lgu viva la vida ni?ap yg best sgt coldplay ni??!
msuk ares,search coldplay,then downlod viva la vida and yellow sbb 2 lgu ni plg byk keluar.
dgr viva la vida,okay la still,im yours?nothing can beat that?still xpuas hati lgi.
dgr yellow,terdiam.
then yellow earned a place in my phone.almost everynight i tried to listen every song in my playlist but rse something bugged me so i would keep tekan forword until smpai lgu yellow.
finally i put my ego aside,i downloaded few songs from coldplay and they all went into my phone.
but that wasnt enough for me to say im big fan of coldplay yet.i gotta see how they perform live.thats how i love jason.
msuk youtube,tgk concert dorang kt japan.and i think you can guess whats happen next.

laut-sejak dlu,ive always been afraid kat ikan2..esp ikan2 besar..fuyoooo tgk ikan2 besar ngeri gile kot..yg ikan kt giant s.alam tu pn xsnggup pndang..i cant imagine ikan2 besar yg ad kat laut..rseny bole pengsan klau nampak.
so slaluny bab2 laut or ap2 kaitan ngn laut aku xnak amek tau and tkut nk amek tau.mmg pasal laut the last thing i wana gives me trauma everytime i imagine being in the sea and see all the creatures in it.
but rseny tuhan lgi kenal diri kita dr kita sndri,after all the plans i made for the future,i end up chose a career yg mmg nk avoid.marine tech requires me to be at the sea at least 4-5 one force me amek bnda ni,no one yg bg idea pasal nih but ntahla rseny da mmg takdir kot..ntah mcm mn nampak future kt situ and bla pk2 blk i think it will be great to see the ocean.not many yg dpt peluang ni kan.pasal ikan tu,i will learn to like them.maybe ill love when i see the dolphins.
lately,rse mcm xsaba nk blaja bnda ni so i can be at the ocean.dulu i might think this is crazy but skarng,im exited.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

michael vartan

"sometimes i wake up before u do, and i watch u sleep,and im overwhelmed because youre so amazing"

i cant find the right explanation either

there are things that time cannot mend,some hurts that go too deep that have taken hold.

everyday i wake up when the sunset comes and sleep when the sunrise end.i get so comfortable being alone at night that i dont want to go anywhre else nor be with anyone else.just me and this silence that seem have giving me air.

let me be in this situation bcos i couldnt find any better way to keep least for now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hans zimmer

cant remember what year it was but i was still in skolah rendah and in labuan when that day my dad came home from somewhere and bought-pearl harbor soundtrack-.
he opened the cover eagerly and asked me to sit beside i did.he hit play then forword until song no 4.he said"dgr ni".

"abah suke time bunyi gitar tu mula2 msuk"
then we just sat in silence listening to the whole music.

since that day i kept listening to the soundtrack and my dad noticed he bought more soundtrack-while you were sleeping,the rock,the last mohican,the lord of the ring..
i just fell in love with the more singing and no more words.just the instruments.
i used to wake up early every weekend to watch the sunrise at the coridor then i would played these music,drinking nescafe,see the beach, felt calm.damn,i should that again.

one day,i watched gladiator the movie.apart from the story,i noticed one thing that was really amazed me,the soundtrack.the music drove me into the story that i cried watching the ending.ppl only cry on hindi movies okay.but that music really made me feel touched by the scene.

this was when maximus died

when maximus met his family in the afterlife

for years ive listened to these soundtrack and i could imagine that exact scene in the movie.its beautiful how music can tell us what to feel without any words and just take you to different places that it just you who would appreciate and understand it.

finally while looking at those cd's,i noticed this,most of the soundtrack is composed by hans zimmer.