Thursday, April 29, 2010

the beauty of football

last nite,i watched inter milan vs barcelona,it was semifinal of the champions league(for those yg xtgk bola,this league kira plg gempak).the first leg results in inter won 3-1 at home game so last night,barca needed 2 goals to secure their place in the final facing bayern munich.
as always,i waited for the game,barca vs inter,the giant club from spain and italy were about to fight for that last ticket.anyone who watched football couldnt miss this,even my father woke up at 3pm to watch it.

i may have waited for the game but honestly,i wasnt exited to watch fact,i cant remember the last time i really wanna watch a game.that exitement feeling i used to have when waiting for the game to start had gone.i remember i used to feel menyampah when some say they couldnt understand football,diam2 je ah..xpyh tgk..aku xkutuk pn kau pny desperate hausewives,gossip girls,etc..
well but thats not the point,it just occured to me,am i losing the love for football?

so the game started,until half time,no the time i felt the game was boring,inter kept playing defensive and barca didnt try hard enough to create a goal.and,i wasnt supporting either on both team,just wanted to see how they play and the scoring but nothing happened.klau ngntuk dh time tu mmg ttp tv tdo ah.which i couldnt possibly did if it was last year,those time when im in love with football.

second half started,the pattern was still same and boring until about 80th min,barca scored.
man,i was surprised by the score that aku jerit goal sekuat hati.i felt joy.and i couldnt remember the last time i had this joy and happiness when a team i miss this i miss football.

and now goes the best part,waiting for the second goal.the crowd started to make noise,both team now started to create goal and all the intense i can feel it now.less than 10min left,i watched with focus to every movement the players made and my eyes just kept following the ball hoping there will be a second goal and barca would won.all of the sudden i was a barcelona fan.
then the miracle of football happened,barca scored.
goaaalllllll!i screamed,i jumped,i ran,that feeling you get when you watched every movement while hoping they would score and then they actually did,is just unbelievable.thats the beauty of football.

now the shit part,referi said it was a handball so the goal didnt count.all that joy,became geramness.
now the worst and cruel part,it wasnt a handball,the referri just saw it that way.of kos we couldnt do anything except maki referri giler2 pny but it doesnt gonna change anything.the goal wasnt counted.
match ended with inter won all because of that stupid referri.

im just grateful and feel great again to have felt the way i used to feel when watching football.ive lost it over 5months and its good to be back.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

moving on

so ive delete my last 7posts.its my first step towards a new life im creating.
and this will work level of confidence?100percent.
because my heart isnt fragile anymore.