Thursday, January 21, 2010

i failed jason

"that was awesome.i gotta start pretending to care."

dh 3days keje,customer msk je,kene ckp"hai welcome"
time ambik order kene jd friendly,siap ad customer ajk borak2
time customer nk blk,dia ckp"you were very nice to me,here's the tip"
slps gaduh2 mnja aku xnk ambik tip kene ckp"tq come again have a nice day..bye2"

"anybody can be great because anybody can serve"

before i wanted to take this job,i was hoping i could dpt at rock corner,pool,starbucks or mn2 yg blh jd less friendly ngn customer.but,jasonmraz is always in my mind,his saying is always in my i thought,this is it,this is my chance to prove i can be i took the job,yg kene be him.

after a week now,every customer aku served,i felt like i was lying to myself.i hate it.buat ap nk greet dorang?korang nk dtg mkn ke nk borak ngn aku?xreti nk bc menu tuh smpai nk kene tny2 aku?but bcos of the job,aku kene lyn smua kerenah dorang smbil buat muke semanis mgkin padahal dlm hati i feel disgusted.

so yes,i got my answer to question that ive been asking for a quite some time.
jason,i fail,im the other guy.

"gosh wani!you're being house"
that was my sis when we were arguing.she was right,i realise that now.


  1. ??tidak memahami..u said good job to a friend who just found out that she is miserable?that she hates ppl?that she thinks she is house?what kind of friend are you?HAHA

  2. ni post paling best, dari segi penceritaan. tp bagus lah kau house, lagi best dari jason.