Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hey wait!

"yes miss can i help you?"
"im looking for john mayer-battle studies?"
"oh yah that..we dont have it yet bcos it depends on our suppliers..maybe theyll send next week"
"next week??that album has been out for months kan?"
"hmm im sorry theres nothing i can do"
"okay what about other rock corner?"
"yes theres one at the gardens..its in the first floor......."
xsempat bg instructions kt aku,that guy paling kt kaunter,aku pn paling jugak.

"the cd"said the guy kt kaunter.i was out of words.i just stood there staring at him.staring at his arms.both arms cover with tatu.
the guy who was with me angguk kt dia and quickly running towards him smbil ckp kt aku"okay miss go to the gardens then,........."
i couldnt pay attention to him bcos that tattoo guy really got me slowly i walked towards him too.

the tats guy tgk jam and said"okay gotta run"
dia jln cpt keluar rock corner and dont know why i followed him.for a moment my brain stopped and just ikut je dia.bcos he was so fast i couldnt catch up.i lost him.

dont know why i did that.even aku bole ikt pn dia nnti nk buat ap?i remember thinking that i was going to shout to him'hey wait'but nsb baik dia jln teramat la cpt.klau x aku da buat keje bodoh.

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