Thursday, January 7, 2010

he's the thousand things

well ive seen a thousand things in one place
but i stopped my counting until i saw your face
erasing memory,well i feel as though ive never seen a face before
until i saw your eyes

see ive always wanted to kiss you
but i,i always wanted to run from you
because ive always wanted to miss you

1000 things by jason mraz-

still remember first time i heard this,i remembered him.the lyrics above i wrote,is how my feelings towards him.
abt 3 years ago i met him when i was in kecelaruan.the man who i trust the most turned to be exactly opposite what i thought he would.he fell for someone else.
so i was in shocked,thinking all men sameee jeee.then,i saw him.He smiled.somehow i felt like he was smiling to my tears.

3years now and that one night is just that.i never see him again.i want to see him again.i do want to go and find him.go to the place where we met every night and wait for him if i have to.

but,what would happen if i do find him?how will he react?how will i react to his reaction if its just going to turn out not the way i hope.

all this time if ppl ask abt the boy in my life i would say its him.i will tell the story about that night and after that i could just smile and miss him and hoping someday i can see him again.
im not ready to let that go,to let that dream go.not if i find my answer now,and the answer is no,i dont think i can still say its him.i dont want to say its not him.
ive always wanted to see him
,but ive always wanted to run from him,because i always wanted to miss him.


  1. first time baca lyric die mcm wooo.. best gile. tapi bile dah dgr lagu die mcm alaa.. tak best. melody die spoil la. kan dah ckp lagu jason mraz ni semua sama je. dah boring dah.

  2. eh2 mmg la setiap penynyi lagu nk dkt2 sm..dh tu style die.cacat.haa cb kau pegi tgk full