Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hey wait!

"yes miss can i help you?"
"im looking for john mayer-battle studies?"
"oh yah that..we dont have it yet bcos it depends on our suppliers..maybe theyll send next week"
"next week??that album has been out for months kan?"
"hmm im sorry theres nothing i can do"
"okay what about other rock corner?"
"yes theres one at the gardens..its in the first floor......."
xsempat bg instructions kt aku,that guy paling kt kaunter,aku pn paling jugak.

"the cd"said the guy kt kaunter.i was out of words.i just stood there staring at him.staring at his arms.both arms cover with tatu.
the guy who was with me angguk kt dia and quickly running towards him smbil ckp kt aku"okay miss go to the gardens then,........."
i couldnt pay attention to him bcos that tattoo guy really got me slowly i walked towards him too.

the tats guy tgk jam and said"okay gotta run"
dia jln cpt keluar rock corner and dont know why i followed him.for a moment my brain stopped and just ikut je dia.bcos he was so fast i couldnt catch up.i lost him.

dont know why i did that.even aku bole ikt pn dia nnti nk buat ap?i remember thinking that i was going to shout to him'hey wait'but nsb baik dia jln teramat la cpt.klau x aku da buat keje bodoh.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i failed jason

"that was awesome.i gotta start pretending to care."

dh 3days keje,customer msk je,kene ckp"hai welcome"
time ambik order kene jd friendly,siap ad customer ajk borak2
time customer nk blk,dia ckp"you were very nice to me,here's the tip"
slps gaduh2 mnja aku xnk ambik tip kene ckp"tq come again have a nice day..bye2"

"anybody can be great because anybody can serve"

before i wanted to take this job,i was hoping i could dpt at rock corner,pool,starbucks or mn2 yg blh jd less friendly ngn customer.but,jasonmraz is always in my mind,his saying is always in my i thought,this is it,this is my chance to prove i can be i took the job,yg kene be him.

after a week now,every customer aku served,i felt like i was lying to myself.i hate it.buat ap nk greet dorang?korang nk dtg mkn ke nk borak ngn aku?xreti nk bc menu tuh smpai nk kene tny2 aku?but bcos of the job,aku kene lyn smua kerenah dorang smbil buat muke semanis mgkin padahal dlm hati i feel disgusted.

so yes,i got my answer to question that ive been asking for a quite some time.
jason,i fail,im the other guy.

"gosh wani!you're being house"
that was my sis when we were arguing.she was right,i realise that now.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

he's the thousand things

well ive seen a thousand things in one place
but i stopped my counting until i saw your face
erasing memory,well i feel as though ive never seen a face before
until i saw your eyes

see ive always wanted to kiss you
but i,i always wanted to run from you
because ive always wanted to miss you

1000 things by jason mraz-

still remember first time i heard this,i remembered him.the lyrics above i wrote,is how my feelings towards him.
abt 3 years ago i met him when i was in kecelaruan.the man who i trust the most turned to be exactly opposite what i thought he would.he fell for someone else.
so i was in shocked,thinking all men sameee jeee.then,i saw him.He smiled.somehow i felt like he was smiling to my tears.

3years now and that one night is just that.i never see him again.i want to see him again.i do want to go and find him.go to the place where we met every night and wait for him if i have to.

but,what would happen if i do find him?how will he react?how will i react to his reaction if its just going to turn out not the way i hope.

all this time if ppl ask abt the boy in my life i would say its him.i will tell the story about that night and after that i could just smile and miss him and hoping someday i can see him again.
im not ready to let that go,to let that dream go.not if i find my answer now,and the answer is no,i dont think i can still say its him.i dont want to say its not him.
ive always wanted to see him
,but ive always wanted to run from him,because i always wanted to miss him.